Drilling and Boring Contractors

While drilling perforates a solid material to create a cavity, boring is the process which opens up that cavity to create a hole, tunnel or well. Therefore, drilling begins the process and boring completes it. Drilling and boring methods are used on land to create the tunnels for pipework for a variety of uses. Directional boring, also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), is a process through which underground pipes are installed without having to dig a trench the length of those pipes in order to sink them. The bore path is created by a drilling rig on the surface. Pipework can then be pulled through the resulting drilled hole. A drilling and boring contractor can be employed on infrastructure projects such as the installation of telecommunications and power cables, water pipes, sewer pipes, gas and oil lines and product pipelines. The HDD technique is useful where disrupting the land’s surface is not possible, desirable or economically viable. This might be in urban areas, where digging long trenches is disruptive and dangerous; to cross stretches of water such as rivers; or to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

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