Building and Construction Services

Building and construction services include activities that support the construction, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, alteration, maintenance or repair of any building or infrastructure. The process begins with planning; may include land clearing and site preparation (groundwork); and encompasses construction activities and seeing the project through to completion and use. The building and construction services industry includes architectural and quantity surveying activities; construction of buildings; civil engineering projects such as road, tunnels, bridges, utilities and other infrastructure projects; and specialised construction activities such as demolition, site preparation and groundwork, electrical and plumbing installation, plastering, roofing, painting and so on. It is estimated that those employed in the building and construction services constitute around 10% of the UK workforce. Projects undertaken by this industry cover residential and commercial property; public buildings such as schools and hospitals; and the infrastructure which helps to keep the nation connected.

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  1. Building and Project Design
    - 9 Suppliers 65 Services

    The disciplines involved in the design of new buildings cover architectural, engineering and technical services. The exact composition of the building and project design team will vary from project to project and depend on the complexity of the proposal.

  2. Building Maintenance
    - 3 Suppliers 20 Services

    Putting in measures for planned and reactive building maintenance allows owners to ensure their property remains safe, fit for purpose and attractive to users. Maintenance of buildings covers work needed to the exterior as well as the interior.

  3. Building Project Management
    - 1 Supplier 2 Services

    Building project management experts hold overall responsibility for the planning, execution and delivery of construction projects. They monitor ongoing progress to ensure compliance with the architects’ design, as well as with legal requirements and best practice recommendations in the industry.

  4. Construction Trades
    - 7 Suppliers 560 Services

    The success of any building project lies in the knowledge and skills of the tradesmen who work on it. Different construction trades are needed on site at various stages of each project. The overall schedule is overseen by a project manager.

  5. Other Specialised Services
    - 9 Suppliers 118 Services

    This section lists specialised construction activities which are not covered elsewhere by other categories of building and construction work. The list is based on the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (SIC) 2007. Many of these activities are common to many new builds and require specialist skills.