Fire Protection Contractors

Fire protection contractors have the technical expertise to advise construction project managers, building owners and others on what measures need to be put into place to assess the risk of fire. They can advise on measures that will help prevent or mitigate an outbreak of fire within a building; and ensure that fire safety facilities and equipment are kept up to date and in good order. One key element of any fire safety strategy is passive fire protection. This can be implemented during construction, where it is known as built-in fire protection. Alternatively, it can be retro-fitted to existing buildings. The purpose is to limit the loss of life and financial impact on the building and its contents in the event of fire. Any business premises or public building is subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (‘RRFSO’), which brings together and updates fire safety legislation prior to that date. The RRFSO gives the person responsible for the building, whether that is the managing agent, owner, employer or any other person who has control over part of the premises, a legal duty to ensure that fire risk is managed.

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