General Builders

The term ‘general builders’ is not the same as a general contractor. A general builders firm will typically be involved in the construction of a building or other structure. Their builders can set the foundations, build brickwork or blockwork walls and so on in accordance with plans drawn up by the architect or other professional, but will not usually handle electrics, plumbing and heating, for example. For this, they may subcontract the job to others. In contrast, a general contractor manages and oversees the whole build from start to finish, bringing in specialist teams of subcontractors for each task. General builders may work on properties of all types, including public and private housing; non-residential property and public buildings such as schools and hospitals; and industrial and commercial properties such as factories and retail outlets. They may be involved in construction of structures and buildings, or in repair, renovation and maintenance of existing buildings. A general builder may also be involved in infrastructure projects such as road or bridge building. Having said that, it is still likely that most general building firms will still specialise in one particular area. Each job, though, is a project in its own right, which the firm will complete before moving onto the next one.

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