Groundwork Contractors

A firm of groundwork contractors assists in the initial work necessary on a construction project to clear the site and prepare it in readiness for building work to be carried out. If there are existing structures on the site that are not needed, these must be demolished and the debris removed. Site levelling must take place and access routes created to ensure materials and tools can be transported efficiently. Drainage and pipework must be laid and connected to the mains. Once this is done, excavation of the site to lay the foundations can begin. A groundwork contractor will usually work on a subcontracting basis and will be involved at the beginning of the project up to the point the ground floor is laid and the damp proof course installed. They may return at the end of the project to add driveways, footpaths and so on. They may also be involved in landscaping the area surrounding the new structure. Groundworks must be completed on both residential and commercial properties. A groundwork contractors firm may also specialise in infrastructure such as road building and other civil engineering projects.

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