Good quality plumbing infrastructure is essential to maintain public health and sanitation. Plumbers are tradesmen that work with plumbing, which encompasses any system of pipework that conveys fluids from one point to another. They will typically install, maintain and repair water, heating and sanitation systems in commercial and domestic settings. The job broadly breaks down into the following categories: the supply of hot and cold drinking water; plumbing drainage venting which removes sewage and greywater from buildings; sewerage systems, the infrastructure that conveys sewage from buildings to sewage treatment plants and surface run-off to a point of discharge; and fuel gas piping. While the term ‘plumber’ in general covers any individual that works in the plumbing trade, an individual plumber is more likely to work in domestic settings while plumbing contractors may be employed, permanently or on a subcontract basis, to carry out a range of commercial plumbing services in the construction and engineering industries, for instance.

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