Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are specialist construction workers who construct roofs and carry out roof repair where necessary. A roofing contractor will use a variety of materials depending on the nature of the building and the requirements of the client. These may include shingles, asphalt and metal. While a roofing service is generally responsible for ensuring a building is weatherproof and watertight, this trade will usually work in conjunction other tradespeople like joiners and plumbers to achieve results. A commercial roofing contractor differs from a residential roofer in that the former will cover large industrial or commercial buildings, requiring far more use of heavy equipment and more manpower. Where domestic dwellings like houses have steep-slope roofs with a rise of more than 3 inches per horizontal foot, the roofs of commercial, industrial and apartment buildings tend to have low-slope roofs, rising less than 3 inches per horizontal foot. This equates to a larger surface area to be covered. Roofs deteriorate far more quickly than other parts of a building and therefore a large part of a roofers’ work may be in roof repair or replacement rather than in installation.

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