Security System Contractors

For many businesses, security is paramount. Security system contractors are the firms that offer peace of mind by fitting and servicing electronic systems that will detect intruders and/ or give clients the ability to control access to buildings and sites. Most security systems contractors will work with the client to identify the issues on-site and will then design a security system to address these. That client may be a business owner, or in the construction industry, it may be the architect or electrical building services engineer, if the system is to be designed as a feature of the building. The construction firm itself may want security while building is in progress to prevent theft of materials or unauthorised visitors for safety reasons. The contractors’ security system engineers will install and test the system; will respond to call-outs to repair faults if they occur; and will return at agreed intervals to maintain and service systems. Security systems might include building access controls, electronic surveillance equipment such as CCTV, voice alarms and emergency lighting. Specialist solutions are available for particular types of business, for instance residential homes or sheltered housing may require nurse call or personal alarms.

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