Industrial Design

Industrial design is the process of design undergone by all products that are manufactured by means of mass production. The key characteristic of industrial design processes is that they are usually design driven, with the manufacturing process often being automated and repetitive. At the stage of industrial design, elements such as shape and features are determined, without technical specifications for manufacturing. Common industrial design products include Ipods, Iphones, kitchen aids, vacuum cleaners (lie Dyson), cars like the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen Beetle. Industrial design is evident in most homes around the world, including in automobiles, furniture, domestic appliances and housewares.

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  1. Engineering and Technical Design
    - 13 Suppliers 133 Services

    An engineering and technical designer is responsible for the design process after industrial design, although might have a helicopter view of the whole design process. The engineering and technical designer takes initial conceptual designs from the industrial designer and works to developed detail designs that can be mass produced.

  2. Model Making
    - 7 Suppliers 27 Services

    Model making involves creating a three-dimensional representation of a design or concept is created and is widely used in the consumer goods industry as well as the field of transport. The model (often known as the prototypes) can be created by an additive or subtractive modeling technique.

  3. Packaging Design
    - 1 Supplier 22 Services

    Packaging design encompasses manufacturing, marketing, regulatory, purchasing, and planning, however, it is most commonly used to describe the graphic design process. It is part of a process which determines the visual appeal for the customer and drives a positive purchasing decision.

  4. Product Design
    - 14 Suppliers 80 Services

    Product design is the process of designing a product that can go from business to customer. The three stages of product design are analysis, concept, and synthesis and are three successful processes which lead to products like automobiles, furniture, domestic appliances and housewares.

  5. Prototyping
    - 24 Suppliers 101 Services

    Prototyping is the process of creating an early sample or a model of a product. The model can be made in 3D (like in clay) or on paper (either printed or drawn). Other types of prototypes include fully functioning products which can be sent to users for testing.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.