Farming and Agricultural Services

Farming and agricultural services are a range of application and support that can be provided to those in the farming and agricultural field. Farming and agricultural services include stubble to stubble contracting, crop spraying, ploughing, sowing and harvesting, transport, fodder, fuel, cultivation, ploughing, drilling, stockfeed, crop spraying, countryside maintenance and labour provision. Such services also includes the supply of skilled staff including certified forklift drivers general farm workers, LGV drivers, chainsaw operators, stock watchers and tractor drivers. Other types of farming and agricultural services includes a range of legal services for the landing owning and farming community. Farming and agricultural services are available as a support to those that own farms or agriculture land.

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  1. Agricultural Testing
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    Agricultural testing refers to a wide range of tests conducted within the agriculture field usually to determined nutrients available to plants from soil in order to determine the best fertilisers. It is widely practiced in the fields of gardening, horticulture, agriculture, farming, engineering, ecology and geochemical.

  2. Animal Nutrition
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    Animal nutrition is a field which focuses specifically on the needs of domestic animals, specifically those in food production and agriculture. Animal nutrition ensures the wellbeing of animals which is specifically important in neonatal, growing, finishing and the breeding of animals.

  3. Genetic Testing
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    Genetic testing, commonly known as DNA testing, allows for the determination of bloodlines and also the diagnosis of any vulnerabilities to genetic diseases. Genetic testing can be used to monitor genetic strengths and vulnerabilities of populations and is widely used in animal breeding. In agriculture, a specific type of genetic testing is known as progeny testing which is used to determine the quality of breeding stock. In humans, genetic testing can also be done to determine child’s parentage and is commonly called a paternity test or a biochemical test.

  4. Livestock Appraisal
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    Livestock appraisal is the process of determining the market value of animals for the purpose of sale or insurance. Livestock appraisals can be undertaken for a wide range of livestock species including beef cattle and dairy cattle. Some types of livestock appraisals can also appraisal services for agricultural properties and farm equipment.

  5. Soil Fertility Testing
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    Soil fertility testing is widely practiced in the field of gardening, horticulture, agriculture, farming, engineering, ecology and geochemical to determine nutrients available to plants from soil in order to determine the best fertilisers and care. Common type of soil fertility testing includes soil testing, plant nutrition testing and PH level testing.

  6. Veterinary Services
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    Veterinary services is a field which deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease within animals. Veterinary services also provide emergency care response in case of animal ill health outside of practice hours, or with animals that cannot be transported, and oversee animal’s general health and wellbeing.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.