Flammability Properties of Polymers

Certain polymers are resistant to degradation at high temperatures, in other words they are more fire-safe than others. The use of such polymers is important in environments where fire is a risk. This is particularly true when public safety is an issue – in confined spaces such as buildings, aeroplanes and cars, for instance. To determine the flammability properties of polymers being used or proposed for use in such applications, rigorous testing needs to take place. Research and design, manufacture and production departments must commission or perform such tests to demonstrate compliance with national and international standards. It is also important for suppliers and producers to ensure their products meet client specifications and industry standards. Tests on polymers’ flammability and other heat-related properties are usually carried out in controlled environments, such as laboratories, and the material characteristics recorded. There is a requirement for fire-safe polymers in many sectors and industries. Notable examples include aerospace, automotive, electronics and construction industries, and the military.

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