Peel Testing

Peel testing refers to tests carried out to measure such factors as peel strength, which is the adhesive strength of a material or the bond strength between two materials. This helps determine the suitability of various adhesives, for instance for particular applications. Analysis of the results offers the averaging of load values over a defined range of peel length: in other words, how much strength it takes to ‘unpeel’ the two materials. The typical peel test involves partially peeling one material away from the other and attaching the free end of the sample into an upper grip. Pressure is then applied to the upper grip to peel the sample away from its backing material. The force required to complete the peeling action is monitored by a load weighing system. This offers a measurement for the bond strength. Peel testing can be used to measure bond strength and performance in a range of scenarios and can involve an array of materials such as seals, coatings, laminates and adhesives. Peel tests have uses as wide-ranging as resealable food packaging and adhesives in the automotive and construction industries. in any scenario, it is important to both manufacturers and consumers that the product is not only safe to use, but also performs as expected.

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