Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning ensures a clean outlook and is carried out by using specialised equipment to ensure safety is maintained and is normally carried out by trained professionals. Window Cleaning services are normally required for higher buildings or for more difficult, harder to reach windows. Window Cleaning is done by using the latest techniques and equipment suitable for the job. Window cleaning can be done by using ladders, extended poles or by mobile platforms, even using abseiling techniques for higher buildings. Where possible long reaching, extendable poles will be used to clean the windows to reduce health and safety risks while reducing costs to the client. For larger buildings, the cleaner is harnessed onto a platform that can be lowered from the top of the building providing a thorough clean from top to bottom. Window Cleaning is done on a regular basis for larger buildings where health and safety needs to be a priority and maintained while the level of cleanliness to the appearance of the property is of a high standard.

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