Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is, in simple terms, moving goods from one place to another by using a single or multiple carrier company. Freight forwarding companies will prepare the goods to be transported, organise the transportation, track the consignment, prepare export documents, if required as well as many other tasks involved in this process. Freight forwarding can be by land, air and sea. Goods being transported by land are usually less complicated as they are more often than not domestic shipments, i.e. they are being transported within the same country. Goods being transported by air or sea are considered to be international shipments and require further controls and documentation to be put in place. Businesses that trade in overseas companies will use a freight forwarding company, individuals who are moving abroad or who have a personal interest overseas may use a freight forwarding company to organise delivery of their personal items. Freight forwarding companies take away the headache and deal with customs and all legal and necessary paperwork that is required.

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  1. Air Freight
    - 27 Suppliers 237 Services

    Air Freight is the fastest and most secure method to ship goods in and around one country or from one country to another. These carrier planes can go outside normal aviation zones and go anywhere where the plane can fly and land and it can be done securely thanks to the strict security checks that are required at airports.

  2. Customs Documentation and Compliance
    - 5 Suppliers 32 Services

    Customs documentation and compliance refers to goods being imported and exported from one country to another and is controlled by an authority or agent. The customs agent is responsible for ensuring all proper documentation is received and goods being transported comply with current laws. The customs agent also collects any necessary tariffs associated with the goods being transported. Each country has different rules for imports and exports.

  3. Express Couriers
    - 40 Suppliers 6,429 Services

    Express Couriers are individuals who deliver letters or parcels in a quicker than average time by other means of transport which gives them freedom to manoeuvre in and around busy traffic areas. This type of courier service is particularly advantageous in heavy traffic zones or large towns.

  4. Removal Services
    - 2 Suppliers 8 Services

    Business Removals professionals will take care of planning every aspect of corporate relocation and will execute the confirmed plan from start to finish.

  5. Road Freight
    - 49 Suppliers 429 Services

    Road Freight is the transportation of goods by road from one place to another. Companies may use a small van to transport small or light goods whereas larger companies may use a truck if the goods are bigger or heavier. Haulage firms are more commonly used for transportation of heavier goods for longer distances or overseas. There are strict rules in place to protect drivers; health and safety while on the roads.

  6. Sea Freight
    - 25 Suppliers 372 Services

    Sea Freight transports goods from one place to another by sea and is normally used for bigger and bulkier cargo. This type of transport is more cost effective and can be used for various types of goods, with specialised containers being used accordingly.

  7. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 7 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.