We are specialists and market leaders in sound masking for both the UK and Europe, in fact we have provided Sound Masking in projects for Cork to Istanbul.

Utilised for increasing speech privacy and ensuring minimal distraction against unwanted noise, our sound masking systems are intricately designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards.

Our sound masking systems are suitable for a variety of applications including open plan offices where unwanted or overbearing noise can cause a real distraction resulting in unhappy staff and less-output of productivity. Cellular offices where speech privacy for confidential information being discussed is important. Among many other applications.

Our clients gain the benefits from Sound Masking in one office and often ask for us to install it in there other facilities, which has led to a series of installations for BP, P&G, PWC and many more. However we don't just serve the large multinational corporations, we also provide Sound Masking systems of one speaker, for a single office. With flexibility of design and acoustic engineers behind every project our system is made for your needs and offers value in the acoustic solution provided.

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P Whitmarsh, Proprietor