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Since 1976, Applied Vibration Limited has been designing and manufacturing a range of vibrating feeders, conveyors, screens, tables and elevators. Applied Vibration Limited creates machinery suitable for use in industrial sectors, such as Food Production, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Glass Manufacture, Recycling and Waste Recovery, Hardware and Component Handling, Extractive (Minerals and Cement) and other Special Applications on request.

Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating feeders are used to discharge a controlled flow of material. Our Electromagnetic Drive Feeders are electromagnetically driven and have an instant stop/start function.

We manufacture a range of open trough, enclosed trough and tube type vibratory feeders. Vibratory feeders are used to transfer a product from one location to another.

Screening Conveyors and Policing Screens

Screening conveyors and policing screens have a primary purpose to convey material, however screening can often be added as a secondary process so long as there is a reasonable difference in the size and volume of the fractions to be separated. For example the screening process may be to guard against occasional and unintentional oversize particals, or fines in the form of dust. This type of screening frequently takes place both in process and often immediately prior to product packing and filling and ensures unwanted agglomerations of product are removed as well as any dust that has accumulated during upstream mechanical handling processes.

Loss In Weight Feeders

Electromagnetic drive feeders used when a rate of product feed needs to be accurately matched to a process or product stream and this can be controlled in a number of ways including level probes and interface signals. However we are often asked to produce equipment to provide more precise levels of feed for applications such as ingredient dosing and batching. For this purpose we are able to mount bulk storage hoppers and electromagnetic drive vibrating feeders on weigh scale frames to provide accurate and feed rate adjustable doses of material on a loss in weight basis, making these an ideal solution for the controlled discharge and batching of products into processes and filling applications.

Vibrating Screens

Vibrating screens are used mostly to separate products by size and are usually used for grading sized materials, removing dust and fines.

Vibrating screens are also used to remove oversize or agglomerated material and separating solids from liquids.

We have a wide range of vibrating screens and we can custom build one to your specification for many applications including hygienic ones.

Vibratory Conveyors

Providing high bulk material conveying rates, our twin motor drive conveyors can be of open, enclosed or tubular construction. Vibrating conveyors are ideal for the bulk transport of product where throughput rates are fixed or require infrequent adjustment. Heavy duty construction and abrasion resistant steel liner plates can be fitted for more arduous conveying tasks. Our twin motor drive conveyors can have throughput rates of typically up to 330 cubic metres per hour.

Vibrating Spiral Elevators

Our vibrating spiral elevators are used mostly for elevating duties where space is an issue. Vibrating spiral elevators are also used in areas involving process cooling, heating and drying.

Our vibrating spiral elevators can be supplied in heights that are over seven metres and they can be fitted with bottom mounted or top mounted drives.

Vibrating Tables

We can manufacture vibrating tables that are powered electromagnetically. They are preodominantly used for the aeration, detachment and compaction of large amounts of material.

Vibrating tables have applications in the packaging industry where material has to put into sacks, bags and containers without creating too much volume.

Product Transfer Systems

We can provide a solution for your product transfer systems in the form of vibrating bin discharge units. They can be used to maintain the flow of products from bulk containers.

To aid the product transfer systems, we provide dust tight docking assemblies when needed. They are used with vibrating feeders and conveyors to provides a complete solution.

Drive Units

We can manufacture four different types of drive units ideal for a range of applications.

Our drive units include base mounted electromagnetic drive units, electromagnetic drive units, vibrator motors, and hopper vibrators.

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