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At Atlas, we are experts in all types of winches including air, electric, diesel, hand and trailer winches. We have a wide variety of hoists and lifting equipment available for purchase or hire and offer repair, maintenance, inspection and installation services.

 Within the UK and Scotland few companies can offer the same expertise and experience in the winch field.

Air Winches

We have a wide variety of air winches for sale or for hire from some of the leading brand names such as Ingersoll Rand, Samiia, JOY, and Atlas Copco.

Our air winches have capacities up to 20,000kg and come in many variations, from man-riding winches and trailer mounted units to double drum ‘slushers; and manual braked tuggers.

We have a wealth of experience in air winches, specially prepared for their specific job they are used on. This could include:

  • Various Offshore and Rig Installations
  • Telecoms and Utilities Industries
  • Marine and shipping applications
  • Petrochemical Environments
  • Marine Civil Engineering Projects
  • General Construction Appliances

Cable Drum Trailers

A trailer winch is now an essential tool wherever cable or pipe pulling is taking place and replaces more traditional installation and replacement techniques.

Coming in a range of capacities from 500kgs to 10 tonnes and with wire rope lengths up to 1,000 metres our trailer winches can be purchased either new or second hand.

We offer:

  • Cable Drum Trailers up to 10 tonnes (manual and powered)
  • Pipe Coil Trailers
  • Cable Recovery Winches
  • Various Cable Rollers
  • Drum Jacks up to 20 tonnes
  • Conduit Rod (Cobra) and Swivels
Cable Drum Trailers

Hydraulic Winches and Power Packs

For hydraulic winches and power packs, we supply both with many beneficial features. The benefits of using a hydraulic power pack in conjunction with a winch system enable constant tension, maximum load limits, variable speed control and remote control to name a few.

Power packs are base mounted and usually supplied within a crash frame. Closed and open loop systems can also be supplied.

Hydraulic Winches and Power Packs

Base Mounted Winches

We provide a huge selection of base mounted winches available as diesel, electric or hydraulic types as single, double or triple models. Power packs can also be supplied where necessary. We supply base mounted winches from leading names such as Clark Chapman, Amcon, Smatco, Lucker, and Clyde and Skagit.

Base Mounted Winches

Powered and Hand Winches

We supply a wide range of both standard and purpose designed powered or hand winches. With an established expertise in the winch market, we find the right winch for your particular requirements. If a standard product cannot be found to meet your needs we will design and manufacture a bespoke solution.

We provide hand winches that come as wall or base mounted models with capacities ranging from 100kgs to 50 tonnes. We also supply vehicle winches, electric factory winches, hydraulic factory winches, survey and ROV winches and diesel powered construction winches.

Powered and Hand Winches

Mooring Systems

Over the years, we have been unmatched for the hire and sale of 4 / 6 and 8 point mooring systems for crane and excavator barges, offshore supply and survey vessels.

A mooring system ranges from a simple single rope or wire holding a small boat to a buoy, through to an 8 winch system using large wires and anchors to keep a barge or tanker in position. We will work closely with you to recommend the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Mooring Systems

Rigging Equipment

To complement our collection of winches, we provide a comprehensive range of rigging equipment, including snatch blocks, sheaves, multi-sheave blocks and fairleads. We traditionally specialise in fairleads and sheave blocks and hold the largest range in the UK for hire or purchase.

We will strive to meet all your rigging equipment requirements with access to extensive stocks of both standard and specialised products.

Rigging Equipment

Hoists, Cranes and Lifting Gear

For hoists, cranes and lifting gear, chain or wire rope can be supplied and available for hire in most power options including pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. We have established relationships with all major hoist manufacturers including:

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • GIS
  • Atlas Copco
  • Stahl
  • JDN
  • Tractel
  • Morris
  • Hadef & Yale

Capacities for our hoists, cranes and lifting gear range from 125kg to 50 tonnes and height of lift can be normally specified as required.

Hoists, Cranes and Lifting Gear

We also have an office in Scotland

We also have an office in Scotland so are well positioned to cover the UK.

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Contact: Denis Lavery

Rigging Equipment

We have an extensive range of high quality Rigging Equipment to complement our broad range of winches.

Rigging Equipment


We have shackles up to 1,000 Tonnes

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