Call Recording is a valuable tool that allows you to gain insight into how your company handles inbound and outbound calls. Why record your calls?‍‍‍‍‍‍

  • To ensure your processes are being followed
  • To ensure quality is maintained
  • To assist in training/improving the telephone handling skills of your staff
  • Compliance with regulations
  • As an aid in dispute resolution

‍‍Whatever your motives, BDM Voice has a solution for you. We offer two distinct types of call recording:

  • ‍Insight – Hosted Network Call Recording
  • Intuition – An In-house Hardware Solution

Insight – a hosted call recording solution – is the right application if you are looking to manage and develop your commercial performance. Insight can interface with any telephone system so there is no need for any additional equipment, hardware or software.

Intuition - an in-house call recording solution – could be used if you are required to record all calls for regulatory reasons.  We will install a server to record calls to and from specified direct dials and the system can store approximately 80000 hours of calls. Intuition allows you to listen to live telephone calls.

Both inbound and outbound calls can be recorded and you can listen to those call recordings wherever and whenever you like. Call recordings can be emailed to a nominated list of email addresses and we can let you know when you miss a call (by email or by SMS). You can download and save calls to use as training examples and you can save contentious calls for later use.

BDM Voice’s call recording solutions allow secure access and quick and easy retrieval of your call recordings. They are easy to use, reliable, high volume capacity systems with easy access for multiple users via a web browser. Individual user access can be configured allowing specific users to see information relevant only to them. Insight and Intuition both have in-depth reporting capabilities which allow you to report on activity, ring times, peak call times, missed calls and other features. Reports and call data can be exported to Excel allowing you to interpret your data in ways that suit you.

You will find that our call recording facilities are very much at the forefront of network voice recording technology.

BDM Voice has more than 10 years experience in this field; we can find the right solution for you.

If you would like to start recording, call us on 0843 357 2222 or email and we can arrange to meet.

Contact Centre

If you would like to build exceptional business–customer relations and grow sales or appointments without increasing headcount or office space, then our Contact Centre can help you. Your business will benefit from our bespoke, one to one call handling service implemented by our highly trained and experienced UK based call handlers. You want every conversation with your customers to be a profitable one and that is the aim of our Contact Centre.

BDM Voice’s Contact Centre offers you:

  • Fixed cost inbound and outbound telephone contact for sales, bookings, appointments and data cleansing projects
  • Highly trained call agents, specialising in building loyalty and increasing sales through customer contact
  • Focused and targeted campaigns by a motivated, professional team

Customer relationship management

Would you like to improve and cement your relationship with your customers, driving sales and keeping in regular contact? Any business would.

Our Contact Centre can represent your brand and undertake targeted campaigns on your behalf. By outsourcing to a specialist such as us, your demands can be reacted to quickly without diverting your own resources. Your needs will be delivered by a bespoke service designed to meet your requirements and focusing on managing your relationship with your customers. Your customers’ loyalty to your brand will be maintained through high-quality telephone contacts reflecting your values.

When you outsource your call handling requirements to the BDM Voice Contact Centre, you get the service you need without having to expand your office space, finance telephony and IT requirements, increase your management time or take on more employees. Our Contact Centre’s data systems are able to integrate with almost all databases, and we provide you with detailed reporting in line with your specified requirements to an agreed time frame.

At BDM Voice our UK-based Contact Centre services include:

  • Inbound response handling
  • Outbound telemarketing and telesales campaigns
  • Customer development, loyalty and retention
  • Live web chat

Appointment making

Do you want a Contact Centre that will represent your brand, believe in your values and reflect your service levels? Letting BDM Voice handle your appointment making will allow you to focus on the core of your business, freeing your staff to concentrate on your customers. We can tangibly demonstrate savings of over 26%, improved conversion/win rates of 15% and more than a 15 times ROI. You will have measurable results which will lead to increased profits and increased efficiency.

BDM Voice’s Contact Centre can offer you:

  • Short-term cover or long-term programmes
  • B2B or B2C expertise

Setting up your own Contact Centre without the right equipment, knowledge and people can be both expensive and ineffective. Outsourcing your customer service requirements to a specialist, such as BDM Voice, allows your business to benefit from a reliable, efficient and cost-effective resource. In addition, you will receive regular reporting and monthly reviews to clearly inform you of the progress being made on your behalf.

At BDM Voice we will work with you to:

  • Grow your business through increased sales
  • Build exceptional business-customer relations by representing your brand like one of your own staff
  • Reduce your costs on staffing, technology, equipment and office space
  • Produce a detailed briefing whilst still understanding the need to have a flexible approach
  • Integrate with your data systems and provide you with detailed, timely, reporting

Your business represented by us

Our Contact Centre call handlers are trained to exceptionally high standards to articulate your business – making the most of what can be an unpopular task. All kinds of businesses use us, including some of the leading Automotive brands (manufacturers and retail dealer groups) within the UK. You can be sure that your goals of building loyalty and encouraging advocacy are supported by the professional approach of our Contact Centre and we will work closely with you to ensure success.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your Contact Centre, please call us on 0843 357 2222 or email and we can arrange to meet.

Training, Coaching & Development

Experienced Coaches providing approved training courses

  • The skills of your staff are vital to your business success.
  • The rate of converting customer enquiries to sales can be greatly increased with effective training and coaching.

Effective, efficient and friendly customer service is essential to your business. With wide product availability and increased price competition, the difference between you and your competitors can rest on the quality of your staff. Ensuring that they are coached to the highest standards and motivated to deliver results is critical.

Our highly qualified and experienced business coaches are able to offer a range of training, coaching and development courses to support your specific business needs. Some of the largest automotive brands in the UK work with BDM. We help them improve sales performance and customer service through IMI accredited courses as well as bespoke programmes. We also have a wealth of training, coaching and development experience across many other sectors.

If you require bespoke coaching and mentoring to help develop your teams or individual staff members, BDM can offer you tailored packages. This form of specialist coaching has produced spectacular improvements in performance whilst at the same time growing staff loyalty.

Amongst the Training and Development courses available from BDM are:

  • Inbound Telephone Sales Enquiry Handling Skills
  • Face to Face Sales Enquiry Handling Skills
  • Essential Sales Management Skills
  • Become an Exceptional Leader
  • Effective Prospecting Skills for Sales Consultants
  • Effective Up Selling Skills for Service/Parts Advisers
  • Business 2 Business Sales Skills
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Managers Complaint Handling Skills
  • Essential Sales Administration
  • Budgeting and Cost Control Skills
  • How to Coach a Team to get the Best Results

Our team is able to offer specialist and bespoke training either at your premises or in our Haywards Heath Training Centre. All Training is delivered by experienced Business Coaches and is developed around specific business objectives, with no training for ‘training’s sake’. In conjunction with you we can plan the development of bespoke coaching plans for newly recruited individuals or tailor learning programmes for experienced managers. BDM can support your needs to evaluate and assess Staff over time to ensure there is a continual development of skills.

If you have any training and development requirements, please call us on 0843 357 2222 or and we can arrange to meet.

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