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Metal Improvement Company (Newbury Division) offer quality metallurgical solutions to improve the performance of metal. With advanced technology, these improvements can be integrated into products when required and can dramatically enhance lifetimes improve fatigue strength, precision shaping, selective hardness and surface finish.

At Metal Improvement Company (Newbury Division), we deliver our innovative enhancements to our customers and help to create new state of the art products. We offer laser peening, peen forming, controlled shot peening, superfinishing and solid film lubricant coatings.

We are located in the UK with divisions in Evesham, Earby, Sunderland, Newbury, Derby, and Chester.

Controlled Shot Peening

We offer controlled shot peening as a cost-efficient and practical solution to reduce tensile stress.

Controlled shot peening reduces tensile stresses by applying loads from production processes such as machining, welding and grinding. 

Shot Peen Forming

Our shot peen forming processes can be used and applied to structures like aircraft wing skins. They produce curvature that greatly improves effectiveness and lift.

Shot peen forming on aircraft structures can also correct distortion of components following production processing.

Laser Peening

The laser peening application induces a high precision compressive, residual stress into a specific point on a component.

Laser peening penetrates components up to 5 to 10 times deeper than any other traditional cold working technique or application.

Isotropic Finishing (Superfinishing)

Isotropic finishing (superfinishing) is an exceptionally successful application to reduce micro-pitting, noise and oil temperature.

Isotropic finishing (superfinishing) can extend a component's life and seriously enhance its performance by eliminating surface asperities and improving lubricant retention.

Heat Treatment

We are heat treatment specialists and offer thermal processing to reduce stresses in fabricated metal component.

Our range of heat treatments controls the surface of components through hardness requirements to improve the overall strength and ductility of the component.

Wet Treatments (Anodising)

We provide a variety of wet treatments (anodising) techniques aimed at improving chemical and atmospheric corrosion defence.

Wet treatments (anodising) can enhance corrosive resistance and dramatically improve the application of adhesives and paint primer.

Engineered Coatings

Our engineered coatings are based upon our expertise and experience of successful component coatings.

Our engineered coatings enable us to use less expensive metals and enhance the durability and part wear life. Altogether this greatly reduces overall maintenance costs.

Protective Mouldings (Peenflex)

Our protective mouldings (Peenflex) are abrasive and damage resistant mouldings. Protective mouldings (Peenflex) are a cost-efficient answer to protecting component parts.

The parts are well protective through all manufacturing processes, including storage and despatch, moving and lifting.

Architectural Finishes (Peentex)

Architectural finishes (Peentex) are decorative textures applied to a finished structure. They are applied by shot peening.

Architectural finishes (Peentex) not only change the aesthetic of completed structures but also enhances metal components in a practical way too.

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