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As brake and clutch specialists, we can supply various brake pads, shoes, discs and drums for many vehicles and applications. Our brake pad range covers both automotive and commercial sectors with products being tested to ECE R90 brake safety regulations to ensure optimum performance and quality.

Brake Relining

Here at Industrial Friction Materials, we supply a complete range of commercial vehicle brake relining products in many types of material to suit our customers’ requirements. Our brake relining products, available in semi rigid and rigid material include products from many global leading manufacturers including both Mintex Don and Jurid.

Brake Relining

Paddle Clutches

We specialise in paddle clutches. We reline the complete range of paddle clutches including the 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 paddle models.

The paddle clutches are relined with high quality ceramic clutch buttons that exceeds all OE manufacturers clutch plate specifications.

Paddle clutches are used for particularly aggressive driving and highly stressed applications.

Paddle Clutches

Friction Discs

Friction discs are a product we specialise in supplying for brake and clutch relining requirements. As distributors and suppliers of friction discs, brake pads and many other products from our stock list, we have a comprehensive range of high quality items from some of the world leading manufacturers.

Gear cut discs and special discs are also available in addition to friction rings.

Friction Discs

Industrial Brakes

We specialise in industrial brakes supplying many products for commercial, automotive, off-highway, off-road vehicle and wind turbine applications to suit many industries. Our extensive knowledge in industrial brakes allows us to offer many practical and professional services and products, all showcased on our user friendly website.

Industrial Brakes

Relining Services

Our 40 years experience as brake reliners has helped Industrial Friction to become one of the most established and respected brake relining companies in the friction industry.

We are the first choice brake reliners for a wide range of clients we provide a quality brake relining service for your brakes from industrial machinery and specialist or classic vehicles as well as numerous other forms of transportation.

We are able to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and take pride in overcoming any challenge and when it comes to brake or clutch friction, there isn’t much that we can’t do or haven’t done over the last 4 decades as brake reliners. This enables us to bring a wide range of expertise to solve problems and troubleshoot any friction-based problem. Very few brake reliners can draw on this level of expertise and wide experience.

We are committed to service quality and our relining service includes:

  • Relining services for brake shoes
  • Relining services for brake bands
  • Relining services for clutch applications
  • Relining services for clutch covers and plates
Relining Services

Brake Pads

All brake pads supplied are tested to ECE R90 brake safety regulations and are therefore considered a legal equivalent to and replacement for any original parts. The R90 procedures guarantee pad quality and performance. This means the pads we supply are as good as, or in most cases better than original parts.

We supply a large selection of brake pads ranging from commercial, automotive, off-highway, off-road vehicles, wind turbine, & custom made to drawing specifications. We can supply OE manufacturers such as Ferodo, Mintex, EBC etc or we can manufacture brake pads to your specifications.

Brake Pads

Friction Materials

Providing a service to your industrial, marine, agricultural, construction or automotive friction applications, Industrial Friction materials are built for maximum performance and are of the highest quality. We stock and supply a wide range of asbestos-free materials that include Moulded, Woven and Kevlar.

Our friction materials are a key element in vehicles, machinery, numerous brake and clutch applications and play an important role in efficiency. Our raw materials and finished products are controlled by quality management systems, which have accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Friction Materials

Clutch Linings

At Industrial Friction Materials we are a long-established supplier of high quality clutch linings in various materials with a full range of sizes for all types of applications. Our range covers varying coefficients of friction and clutch linings are available either drilled or blank with or without slots. We carry large stocks on our premises in Cardiff, South Wales which we can dispatch quickly across the U.K. and internationally.

Our clutch linings are used in a wide range of machinery and vehicles such as vintage & classic cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles – including on and off-road variants. Each clutch lining that we supply is made of non-asbestos material and is manufactured with the latest technology in material formulation to improve upon the performance of the original materials.

Clutch Linings

Press Brake Blocks

Industrial Friction Materials is a well established press brake blocks manufacturer, we manufacture and supply press blocks of varying sizes and shapes for all types of press brakes (also commonly referred to as brake presses). The press blocks are machined from high quality moulded friction sheets with various materials and coefficients of friction to suit the requirements of the application. We have many years of experience and expertise in the brake press / press brake blocks field.

We ensure maximum safety with all our brake press / press brake blocks and whatever application you are using them for, you can be guaranteed maximum performance and consistency during use. We have a first class manufacturing process which can include CAD drawing and the press blocks are then CNC machined to your exact requirements.

Press Blocks Categories 

  • Shape A
  • Shape B
  • Shape C
  • Shape D
  • Shape E
  • Shape F
  • Shape G
  • Shape H
  • Shape I
Press Brake Blocks

Transmission Discs

At Industrial Friction Materials we supply a wide range of manufactured transmission discs & steel mating plates. We manufacture wet and dry friction materials such as sintered bronze, carbon, ceramic, graphite, iron, molybdenum and paper, along with steel mating plates which are used in a wide variety of heavy duty transmissions, clutch & brake applications.

Some heavy duty applications which use our manufactured transmission discs include tractors, combine harvesters and numerous other commercial vehicles, marine sail drives, as well as many industrial applications and wide ranging machinery etc. We offer the proper friction material technology to suit a wide range of applications. Accuracy is a priority in all our transmission discs and we ensure that consistency and in the manufacturing process leads to a consistent product which gives predictable and reliable results.

Transmission Discs Categories 

  • Bronze
  • Carbon
  • Ceramic
  • Graphite 
  • Iron
  • Molybdenum
  • Paper 
  • Steel Mating Plastes 
  • Groove Patters 
Transmission Discs

Customised Friction Products

Industrial Friction Materials Ltd supply various customised friction products which are designed & manufactured specifically to our customer’s specifications. These are made from high quality friction material sheets or by using injection moulding processes to make unique friction material shapes & designs to suit specific applications. The high quality materials we use offer higher strength & durability which outperforms our competitors giving more scope in the design phase. Our customised friction products also offer the tightest of tolerances in the industry.

If you’re not quite sure we can make it just think “is it friction?” If the answer is yes then we can design & manufacture any customised friction product and help and advise on product development as this is our specific field of expertise. We have over 40yrs experience to bring to your project and have provided consultancy to many large ‘household name’ blue-chip organisations assisting them to improve development of friction-based applications and solve problems in manufacturing as well as developing and refining new products.

  • Blocks 
  • Centrifugal Brakes 
  • Cones 
Customised Friction Products

Welding & Fabrication

Here at industrial Friction Materials Ltd we offer a wide range of welding & fabrication services which include M.I.G , T.I.G , M.M.A and Gas Welding. We have wide experience in fabrication which we can use to help our clients with their requirements for various types of fabrication requirements.

At Industrial Friction Materials we combine expert knowledge and a proven track record to meet your welding & fabrication requirements, from low carbon to exotic alloys. Our expert knowledge, experience and production techniques allow us to deliver your project with perfect timing, and a constant awareness of deadlines.

Welding & Fabrication

Casting Services

At Industrial Friction Materials have the capacity to produce castings manufactured in both Aluminium and Copper based alloys, as well as Iron & Steel castings ranging from 1 gram to over a ton. We have extensive knowledge and experience in various types of casting and are a respected supplier of castings manufactured in the UK. Whether it is a one-off brake shoe or obsolete part, small batch or production run, we have expertise to meet your requirements and can work effectively to deadlines and production schedules.

  • Precision Sand Castings 
  • Investment Castings 
  • Die Casting, Either Gravity or Pressure
  • Centrifugal & Shell Mouldings 
Casting Services

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