Multishape Metalcraft Ltd


Our precision fabrication includes the fabrication of centrifuge cases. These cases are fully welded constructions and dressed clean to ensure a high standard of finish after powder coating.

Our precision fabrication items, like centrifuge cases, are used in the medical industry where precision is vital to guarantee all parts fit together accurately when assembled.

Precision Sheet Metal Work

Our precision sheet metal work services include complete CAD and CAM facilities, laser cutting, CNC punching, and CNC folding. We also provide mig tig, spot and stud welding as well as powder coating.

Our precision sheet metal work products include panels, enclosures and brackets. We specialise in light fabrications and our dedication to quality has been endorsed by our BS EN ISO 9001 registration.

Precision Sheet Metal Work

CNC Punch Press

Our CNC punch press can process sheet sizes up to 4100mm x 1290mm. Our CNC punch press also provides single sheet auto-reposition and high levels of punching accuracy.

On the CNC punch press, components can be nested to significantly enhance sheet utilisation and provide outstanding material cost savings.

CNC Punch Press
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