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A large investment into BGA reballing has meant we can reball BGA and uBGA devices without generating a thermal cycle or mass reflow. A thermal or mass reflow could potentially damage the cohesion of a device during the reballing process. We use laser energy pulses to attach solder spheres to a pad in less than 20m/s.

As we can attach the spheres to the pad so quickly, we eliminate the heat dissipation into the silicon die and provide a safe alternative to damaging mass reflow.

For the reballing process we can contain equipment in clean room environments combined with laminar flow hoods and nitrogen chamber. Our BGA reballing services means we can process spheres in a range of sizes from 760 microns to 100 microns.

PCB Repair Services

We offer PCB repair services including PCB rework, BGA rework and PCB component pad and track repair. Our rework equipment and environment offers customers with high quality repairs, short turnarounds and a reduction in costs.

We also offer PCB debug services and IC chip refurbishment. Our PCB repair services are in accordance with IPC and JEDEC standards and our qualified staff are continually checking for consistent quality. Our special repair services include solder onto gold.

We use a variety of software to ensure precise profile setting and our PCB repair services include ceramic BGA, column grid array and x-ray inspection.

PCB Component Counterfeit Detection

We have advanced and innovative methods of PCB component counterfeit detection and offer our clients a full range of exceptional services.

Our PCB component counterfeit detection service includes component optical inspection, component pin electrical testing and component module de-capping tests. We can also perform component module x-ray inspection.

IC Recovery

Our IC recovery services include IC debug and IC repair as well as IC component debug and IC component repair. We bake PCB to a specific time and temperature before the controlled removal and de-soldering of the surface mount IC's or modules take place.

Our IC recovery systems are designed to remove all traces of small BGS to larger, microprocessor BGA and QFP. IC recovery ends when the removal has been processed and returned in new condition for use in repair or SMT. Our recovery services also provide IC component de-soldering.

Chip Re-tinning

We provide chip re-tinning and employ unique Etchback technology to allow chemical stripping of the SAC or SnPb alloy coatings. Stripping them away then make them ready to have new SnPb coatings applied and  the existing lead-free solder balls replaced. Our IC chip re-tinning includes lead free conversion, alloy conversion and leaded to lead-free replacement.

Chip re-tinning processes does not expose the silicon to the reflow temperatures associated with methods of reballing and mass reflow procedures.

IC Certified Testing

Our IC certified testing service includes IC visual inspection and IC marking inspection. We also offer chip decap testing and IC chip decap testing.

In the electronics industry, it is essential to keep up with relevant IC certified testing and our testing services can help you stay ahead and improve counterfeit detection.

We also provide unpowered electrical chip testing and BGA and electronic silicon testing.

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