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Here at Richards Paints, we stock specialist industrial coatings including high quality resins, pigments and specialist additives from leading chemical manufacturers. We have the flexibility to formulate and manufacture an assortment of paint finishes. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will make specialist industrial coatings recommendations for your paint system to improve efficiency, reduce emission levels and reduce costs.

Performance Coating and Paints

We supply an impressive range of heat resistant paints to give protection up to 600 degrees celsius. We provide etch primers and solutions designed to enhance adhesion to difficult substrates such as galvanised steel and aluminium. 

Zinc rich paints are equivalent to the galvafroid product containing 90% zinc metal to optimize corrosion performance. Our acid resistant paints are used to give protection against chemical attack with good resistance to both acids and alkalis. 



Maintenance Paints

We supply high quality floor paints for protection and decoration of concrete, metal and timber floors. Our range of emulsion paints offer high opacity coatings to minimize the level of labour costs. We also stock acrylic drive sealers for a clear, hard-wearing. high-performance acrylic coating.    

Industrial Coatings

A range of high performance coatings for assisting with adhesion to problem substrates and providing protection in difficult environments. Protective and decorative coatings for concrete, masonry, steelwork and timber products for work and at home.

Road Marking Paint

Some environments require more specialized protection than what is offered by conventional paint products.

For assistance with adhesion to problematic substrates or to provide protection from heat or corrosion, a small range of our solutions can be found here.

Please contact us with any coating problems and we will be happy to advise you.

Air Drying Paints and Primers

Air drying alkyd paints are coatings which produce a tough durable finish when applied to suitably prepared substrates. Drying primarily occurs from the evaporation of the carrier solvent, this is followed by a cross linking of the internal structure of the paint system.

Eco Friendly Water Based Paint

Continuing pressures on paint users and tighter legislation from local authorities has accelerated the need to produce high quality water-based coatings. At H.S.Richards we have an extensive range of products suitable for many applications, with being supplied into the automotive, industrial and environmental sectors. Please look at our products and call us if you require recommendations for alternatives to existing solvent based paint systems, and we can arrange for a visit to your site or discuss your options over the phone


Additional Products

We offer an extensive selection of additional products to suit a wide variety of applications.

These include:

  • Two-pack epoxy paints: a range of two-pack epoxy paints formulated to give optimum corrosion performance.           
  • Natural stone sealer: for waterproofing porous stone such as limestone, sandstone, concrete and brick.                                                                 
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