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We offer a range of CIP Cleaning solutions to meet your requirements including static CIP systems and mobile CIP systems. Our CIP cleaning systems are used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and other critical hygiene sectors. Our systems The benefits of our CIP systems include control, efficiency, better productivity, easy to use and cost effectiveness. Our systems meet health and safety as well as environmental issues and legislation and have been developed to meet your requirements. 

What is CIP?

CIP or in its full form, Cleaning In Place, is defined as Equipment and techniques to allow cleaning of process equipment without dismantling or manual cleaning with minimal operator involvement.

Suncombe and Washing

Suncombe's founder pioneered the technology of CIP in the 1950's. Suncombe Mobile CIP Systems have been supplied for over 50 years and are used throughout the world in many different industries and sectors.

  • First System installed in 1961
  • 1,000s of System used throughout the world.
  • 50+ years of design experience.
  • Developed with major clientele to meet their requirements.
  • Suitable for full validation.

Benefits of CIP?

  • Reproducible, Repeatable, Validatable and Controllable Results
  • Reduction of Cleaning Time
  • Increased productivity through reduction of down time
  • Chemical Handling Reduction
  • Simple Operation
  • Cost and Utility Savings including chemicals, water and effluent, labour time etc.
  • Health and Safety
  • Batch Traceability and Records
  • Stronger Chemicals and higher temperatures can be used
  • Environmental Issues and Legislation


Mobile CIP

Our Mobile CIP is used in both health care and food industries as they are convenient and easy to use for many different purposes. Mobile CIP can be automatically or manually operated  and can be used for a variety of tasks such as cleaning tanks, vats, mixers, filters, pumps and vessels using hygienic pneumatically operated valves.

Mobile CIP

IBC Washbooth

Our IBC Washbooth is available as a single door or pass through version. It is contained and uses new technology enabling it to be eco-friendly but using less water and energy. The IBC Washbooth has been built to meet hygienic and sanitary standards and provides chemical dosing, liquid heating and a built in control system.

IBC Washbooth

Membrane Filter Skids

Our range of membrane filter skids have been developed using our 50+ years of critical processing experience. Whatever your filtering requirement we offer a selection of membrane filter skids that are innovative, efficient and economic.

Membrane Filter Skids

Biowaste Effluent Treatment Systems

Our BioWaste Effluent Treatment Systems decontaminate liquid hazardous infectious waste streams for research, production, laboratory and bio-containment environments.

Our BioWaste Effluent Treatment Systems are available for both thermal and thermochemical inactivation and use robust, proven design principles. They effectively sterilise or inactivate any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and total containment must be assured at all times.

Biowaste Effluent Treatment Systems
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