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We offer a range of CIP Cleaning solutions to meet your requirements including static CIP systems and mobile CIP systems. Our CIP cleaning systems are used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and other critical hygiene sectors. Our systems The benefits of our CIP systems include control, efficiency, better productivity, easy to use and cost effectiveness. Our systems meet health and safety as well as environmental issues and legislation and have been developed to meet your requirements. 

What is CIP?

CIP or in its full form, Cleaning In Place, is defined as Equipment and techniques to allow cleaning of process equipment without dismantling or manual cleaning with minimal operator involvement.

Suncombe and Washing

Suncombe's founder pioneered the technology of CIP in the 1950's. Suncombe Mobile CIP Systems have been supplied for over 50 years and are used throughout the world in many different industries and sectors.

  • First System installed in 1961
  • 1,000s of System used throughout the world.
  • 50+ years of design experience.
  • Developed with major clientele to meet their requirements.
  • Suitable for full validation.

Benefits of CIP?

  • Reproducible, Repeatable, Validatable and Controllable Results
  • Reduction of Cleaning Time
  • Increased productivity through reduction of down time
  • Chemical Handling Reduction
  • Simple Operation
  • Cost and Utility Savings including chemicals, water and effluent, labour time etc.
  • Health and Safety
  • Batch Traceability and Records
  • Stronger Chemicals and higher temperatures can be used
  • Environmental Issues and Legislation


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    The ATEXCIP™ is an innovative new, high quality, cGMP static Clean In Place System, specifically developed for use in hazardous areas. Designed for aqueous, detergent or solvent cleaning, the ATEXCIP™ offers a versatile solution to your cleaning of Tanks, Vessels, Vats, Fermenters, Mixers, Processors, Pipework, Valves, Isolators, Mills, Coaters, Filters, Pumps, Dryers and Fillers. and many other hazardous area cleaning requirements.
  2. Atmospheric Vessels

    Atmospheric Vessels
    Suncombe offer a range of fully sanitary atmospheric tanks, available in capacities from 10—2,000 litre with the option of custom design and manufacture to particular requirements. Built to the best quality they are designed for longevity, robustness and economy.
  3. Automation

    With dedicated electrical, instrumentation, software and automation personnel, Suncombe engineers have tremendous experience in incorporating a broad range of control solutions to suit your specific control requirements.
  4. Batch BioWaste Systems

    Batch BioWaste Systems
    Suncombe’s Bio-Waste Effluent Treatment Systems and Effluent Decontamination Systems are available for both thermal and thermo-chemical inactivation. Using robust, proven design principles, the systems are designed for Bio-waste Levels 1 to 4, effectively sterilising or inactivating any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and assuring total containment at all times.
  5. BedWasher

    Suncombe BedWasher™s are part of our MediWasher™ range of washers specifically designed for the medical sector. Developed from a range of washers supplied for over 40 years, the BedWasher™ are front loading or pass-through large washer/disinfectors, which are designed for the cleaning of Bed frames, Trolleys, Commodes, Bedside tables, Containers, Operating tables and any other moveable equipment that requires cleaning and disinfection.
  6. Bespoke Biopharma Processing Solutions

    Bespoke Biopharma Processing Solutions
    Suncombe’s range of CIP systems, washers, hygienic and sterile tanks, vessels and processors are ideally suited to the Biopharma Sector. They incorporate advanced features to meet the demanding requirements of the sector for high performance washing, disinfecting, as well as decontamination and growth media sterilisation of biologically hazardous waste.
  7. BioSuite

    The BioSuite™ is the latest version of the Suncombe BioWaste Effluent Treatment Systems automation system that has been developed over the last 10 years. Incorporating the most efficient technological equipment, which has been proven to be robust and reliable, the BioSuite™ automation systems ensure that your critical BioWaste processes are operating. Our first automation systems were supplied in the 1960's and the current systems have been developed with this 50 years + of experience.
  8. BioWasteBatch

    Available with any number of collection and treatment vessels, with capacities to suit the waste volume, the systems are supplied with controls and interlocking functionality to ensure containment is always maintained and there is always a positive release prior to discharge of treated waste.
  9. Biowaste Effluent Treatment Systems

    Biowaste Effluent Treatment Systems
    Our BioWaste Effluent Treatment Systems are available for both thermal and thermochemical inactivation and use robust, proven design principles. They effectively sterilise or inactivate any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and total containment must be assured at all times.
  10. BioWasteMicro

    The BioWasteMicro™ effluent treatment system is a pre-designed system which treats low volumes of effluent using an innovative batch process allowing positive release of all of your waste. A buffer vessel is used to provide a continuous collection facility and a set volume batch treatment facility is used.