Vibrotech Reliability Services Ltd

We provide Integrated Condition Monitoring and Machine Support Services to ensure your plant and facilities operate efficiently and assist you to achieve optimum machine reliability. We have over 30 years experience in predictive maintenance and offer a range of services and products including laser alignment.

We offer an extensive selection of laser alignment accessories and equipment ranging from pulley alignment tools to shaft alignment equipment and geometric systems.

Our most popular laser alignment equipment includes the Fixturlaser Go, designed for fast and easy shaft laser alignments and the Fixturlaser Complete Laser Alignment Tool, a combination of the Dirigo for shaft alignments and PAT Tool for pulley alignment.

As well as our extensive range of products, we also provide laser alignment equipment hire.

Unit 12 Roseberry Court Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley Middlesbrough TS9 6QT United Kingdom



Timothy Mcmanus, Director