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XL Telecom provides a range of hosted, advanced business telecoms solutions which include – basic call control, IVR services, fax2email, conference calling, inbound & outbound SMS texting solutions, call recording, call monitoring, professional voice prompts, queued call back and much more, all of which can be operated via a wide range of telephone numbers, including 0800, 0843, 0844, 0845, 03 as well as geographic 01 and 02 UK telephone numbers - you can even bring your existing geographic or non-geographic numbers to us. We aim to help you increase sales and ensure that you have satisfied customers whenever & however they contact you. 

All of XL Telecom’s services are “in cloud” removing all of the hardware costs associated with traditional hardware-based “in office” solutions. Customers are able to build, view and change services and run reports on their services, online in real-time, 24 hours a day. XL Telecom can look at your current telecom solutions and simplify them for you - we can build the services for you to try yourself before you even go live! Give us a call, free of charge on 08000 445 445 and let us help you make a difference for your customers. We don't have a call centre, so you will be speaking to one of the business partners directly.

Basic Call

We understand at XL Telecom that some of our customers like to start small with some of our basic Call Control products. We offer FREE SOLUTIONS along side 08 and 01/02/03 telephone numbers which will help you mangae your calls.

Basic Number Translation

By choosing an 08 telephone number and directing to the UK land line number you will then get access to our complete REPORTING at no extra cost.

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If your company receives lots of faxes and you only have selective few you want to print then this is a very simply solution, which provides your business with inbound fax facilities.

If you have many fax machines and would like to keep the numbers and not the machines contact us, we can compact your numbers and you will still receive faxes. and keep your numbers.

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Instant Audio Conferencing

You want multiple parties talking, but don’t want to pay a monthly fee?

With monthly fees, set-up fees, and minimum usage requirements Aduio conferencing can be a very costly experience, but not with XL Telecom.

At XL Telecom's you can create and use an audio conference right now! Keep your room and PIN number for ever.

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Auto Outbound Dialling

Most businesses would like to make more contact with their clients.

Create more sales, control and monitor your outbound calls via auto outbound diallerIf your a small or a large company and looking for an outbound calling campaign we can help across all business sectors.  

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