Automotive Equipment and Supplies

Automotive equipment and supplies are parts, products and components that help build, repair, recover and service a car or a truck. They are most widely used by garages and automotive workshops and range from hand-tools to heavy-duty equipment used by mechanics. Automotive equipment and supplies include replacement parts as well as equipment to manage repair and service. Common types of automotive equipment and supplies include trolley jacks, engine cranes, engine stands, car jacks, axle stands, lubricants, tyres, parts washers, body repair kits, engine starters, and battery chargers. Automotive equipment and supplies are used by automotive tradesman and industry enthusiasts. They are commonly used to help maintain both cars and commercial vehicles.

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  1. Automotive Fluids
    - 5 Suppliers 116 Products

    Automobiles rely on fluids to function and to prevent wear and tear. Fluids can help prevent overheating, keep moving parts lubricated, ensure functionality, ensure pressure is optimum, keep the engine cool, keep the inside of the vehicle cool via the air conditioning unit, and even clean windows. Types of automotive fluid include oil, radiator fluids, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant, engine oil, and washer fluid.

  2. Vehicle Electrics
    - 2 Suppliers 83 Products

    Vehicle electrics refers to all the wiring and wired components commonly found in cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and motorhomes. They include spare parts which can be replaced as and when needed through self-maintenance, or through a service and repair through a garage.

  3. Vehicle Exteriors
    - 5 Suppliers 68 Products

    Vehicle exteriors refers to all the external components of an automobile or vehicle. This refers to anything which forms part of the body of the vehicle. Vehicle exteriors are an essential part of all automotive and are commonly held as spare parts by mechanics, automotive manufacturers, vehicle enthusiasts and garages.

  4. Vehicle Interiors
    - 3 Suppliers 62 Products

    Components that form vehicle interiors are widely used by automotive manufacturers and mechanics and garages who maintain and service vehicles. Vehicle interiors is the term given to all the components and parts that are inside a vehicle. These refers to anything housed within the automobile’s body including arm rests, bench seats, bucket seats, seat brackets, and seat covers.

  5. Vehicle Tools
    - 5 Suppliers 1,573 Products

    Vehicle tools provide a way for professionals to maintain vehicles for best performance. They include a wide range of service tools which each serve to keep cars in optimum condition and are used by automotive professionals and enthusiasts to repair, service and maintain automobiles.