Coffee and Espresso Machines

The popularity of the coffee shop has created a huge demand for high-quality coffee, and the range of commercial coffee and espresso machines available is a reflection of this demand. From filters and bean to cup machines for self-service, to providing your customers with the theatre of watching a skilled barista prepare their morning coffee with the perfect crema layer. A wide variety of commercial coffee machines are available for purchase including, Bean to cup machines – perfect for the office where staff can choose their own drink with extra shots, syrups, foams and more, Expresso machines – used by trained baristas in restaurants cafes and bars, Filters – perfect for hotel and catered breakfasts and the office and Capsule machines – most commonly used domestically but are becoming more popular in offices and even hotel rooms as an alternative to the traditional kettle. Coffee and Espresso Machines are used daily in Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and cafes as well as in offices and other workplaces.

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