Beverage Machines

Whether drinks are the basis of your business or you are providing refreshments to staff, Beverage Machines provide high-quality refreshments to your staff or customers, in large quantities. From luxurious Barista poured coffees, to vending machines and everything in between. Quality options are available for a range of budgets to produce a large variety of hot and cold drinks on many scales. Including Blenders, Coffee and Espresso Machines, Drinking Fountains, Drinks Dispensers, Hot Chocolate Machines, Juice Extractors, Kettles and Water Boilers. Beverage machines are essential to Catering establishments and can be found in Pubs, Restaurants, Schools, Cafes, offices and workplaces. Whatever your hot or cold beverage needs, you can be sure that there’s a machine to cater for it.

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  1. Blenders
    - 3 Suppliers 57 Products

    As the demand for fresh juices and smoothie makers increase, blenders are becoming an increasingly popular piece of catering equipment. Whether you are looking for a stylish addition to your front-of-house, or a larger scale production unit for your kitchen there's a bar blender or smoothie maker to suit your needs.

  2. Coffee and Espresso Machines
    - 3 Suppliers 228 Products

    There is a huge demand for high-quality coffee and espresso machines, and the range of products available reflects this demand. Machines available for purchase include Bean to cup machines, Espresso machines, Filters and Capsule machines. These are used daily in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes as well as in offices and workplaces.

  3. Drinking Fountains
    - 2 Suppliers 10 Products

    Drinking fountains provide drinking water in public places, either outdoors or in public buildings. They are normally plumbed into the mains water supply and are supplied with temperature controls and water filters to remove any impurities and ensure quality drinking water. They provide long-term hydration solutions in both buildings and outdoor public areas.

  4. Drinks Dispensers
    - 2 Suppliers 203 Products

    Drinks Dispensers are used by catering establishments that provide buffet-style refreshments. They are available in a range of sizes up to 8 litres or more, in basic or more decorative models. Also available are hot drink dispensers, which make beverages such as tea and coffee in either single-serving or larger quantities.

  5. Hot Chocolate Machines
    - 2 Suppliers 2 Products

    Hot chocolate can be made using single serve hot drinks dispensing machines, pod machines or vending machines which serve multiple types of drinks, but in some circumstances a dedicated hot chocolate machine is useful. These store large quantities of liquid, kept at the desired temperature by bain-marie style heating elements and are most commonly used at buffets.

  6. Juice Extractors
    - 1 Supplier 6 Products

    Juice extractors are the perfect addition to the hotel breakfast buffet table or for catering corporate events. They provide freshly squeezed juice in an attractive, theatrical way. Commercial juicers are durable and built to last, with high-speed motors that ensure they are capable of coping with the demands of high volume production.

  7. Kettles
    - 2 Suppliers 4 Products

    Kettles are a smaller kitchen appliance that consist of a pot typically made from metal with a handle and a lid. Stove top versions and Electric kettles with internal elements are available, with commercial models holding large volumes of water and containing powerful elements that heat quickly and efficiently.

  8. Water Boilers
    - 3 Suppliers 184 Products

    Water boilers boil water fast and in large quantities and are perfect for making a range of hot drinks instantly in busy workplace canteens or catering establishments. Boilers available for commercial use include counter top boilers and wall mounted units that can either be refilled or plumbed into the mains water supply to supply instant hot water anytime.

  9. Water Coolers
    - 2 Suppliers 19 Products

    Water coolers are a self-service machine used to provide fresh drinking water at an optimum drinking temperature. They dispense refillable bottled water or can be plumbed into the mains to provide continuous water supply. They are an essential item of catering equipment in catering and hospitality establishments and workplaces.

  10. Other
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.