Serveries and Displays

Serveries and displays are used to house food or drink in catering establishments that have some form of self service, or a canteen set up (where food is served on to a plate as you wait). They provide a purpose of displaying food in a pleasing way but also a practical purpose of keeping food hot or cold and optimising storage space. Common types of serveries include hot cupboards, heated banquet cart, hot hold cabinet, serve over, salad bars, drop-in units, and reach-in counters. Serveries and displays are commonly found in buffet restaurants, snack bars, airports, cinemas, theatres and canteens.

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  1. Ambient Display Units
    - 2 Suppliers 86 Products

    Ambient display units are used to display food at room temperature and display in a pleasing way. They are commonly used to display desserts, patisseries, and bakeries by restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, cafeterias, bakeries, delicatessens, and snack bars.

  2. Bain Maries
    - 2 Suppliers 252 Products

    Ban maries are used to keep bulk food at warm temperatures whilst ensuring texture and taste stays optimum. They work by heating food gently in hot water and are available in buffet style, self-service restaurants including canteens and cafeterias.

  3. Carvery Buffet Units
    - 2 Suppliers 21 Products

    Carvery buffet units allow for the display of food for self-serving, they keep temperatures of food regulated whilst displaying in a pleasing manner. Carvery Buffet units are used at any self-service restaurant or canteen, including at hotels, airports, football clubs, schools, golf clubs, bars, universities and colleges.

  4. Chip Scuttles
    - 2 Suppliers 26 Products

    Chip scuttles are used for storing chips to keep them warm and crisp, for a prolonged period of time, in a canteen or buffet. Types of chips scuttles include chip scuttle with gantry, chip scuttle with overhead gantry and electric chip scuttle.

  5. Food Merchandisers
    - 2 Suppliers 150 Products

    Food merchandisers used to display food for impulse purchasing decisions. They work by displaying food but many models also keep food (like hot-dogs and pies) warm. More often than not, they are front opening which allows for self-service by the customer.

  6. Hot Cupboards and Plate Warmers
    - 2 Suppliers 142 Products

    Hot cupboards and plate warmers are used to keep food warm in containers on plates. They are commonly used in restaurants but as well as transporting food room to room, like in hotels and care homes. Common types include warming drawers, grill plate warmers, hot plates, heated cabinets and plate dispensers.

  7. Soup Kettles and Warmers
    - 2 Suppliers 42 Products

    Soup kettles and warmers are used to keep soup (and other food like curries and stews) warm in commercial kitchens, freeing up a burner in a busy kitchen. They are used in restaurants, canteens, snack bars, cafes and many other types of kitchens.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.