Displays or screens are essential for displaying the output or any other information and are found across almost all digital and electronic devices. The first displays were used in television sets almost a century ago and have evolved a lot over this time. Technologies used for display screens have also undergone tremendous change over this period. Initially cathode ray tube monitors or CRT monitors as they were popularly known comprised the clear majority of display screens used worldwide, but these were slowly replaced with LED and LCD display screens of our times. Display screens of various types are used across offices, workplaces and few businesses can work without a device which doesn’t uses a display of one type or other.

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  1. CRT Monitors
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    Cathode Ray Tube Monitors or CRT monitors were among the first types of monitors used for displaying the output of computers. CRT monitors dominated the stage from 1950s to 1990s, but have in recent times fallen out of fashion due to the rise of slimmer LCD displays.

  2. LCD Displays
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    LCD or liquid crystal display use liquid crystal displays for creating images on a screen and are the preferred form of display which are used by millions in their computers. LCD displays consume less power as compared to other display monitors and offer the highest resolution of images rendered.

  3. LED Displays
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    LED displays use light emitting diodes for displaying images and videos on a screen. LED displays are similar in appearance to LCD displays and often it may be impossible to distinguish between those two due to similar shape, size and image quality. LEDs are the most widely used form of displays after LCD.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.