Computer Equipment and Peripherals

Computer equipment and peripherals refers to several items which are used along with computers and notebooks in offices. As the name peripheral suggests these are mostly peripheral devices which are essential for working or enhancing the power of a computer. Computer equipment and peripherals include a huge array of devices such as computers, notebooks, tablet computers or tablets, netbooks, servers, external hard drives, external solid state derives, USB or memory sticks, motherboard, CPUs, LED displays, LCD displays, monitors, modems, network cables, network switches, graphic cards, hard disk drives, chargers, chassis, modems etc. Computer equipment and peripherals are used in offices, workplaces, manufacturing and industrial units of all types and sizes and play an important role in most business processes today.

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  1. Computers
    - 6 Suppliers 198 Products

    Computers are an ever-present feature of modern workplace and offices. Indeed, no other technological innovation has spread as fast as computers. Computers such as desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers are used extensively for all modern business processes.

  2. Data Storage
    - 3 Suppliers 843 Products

    Most computers and digital devices use some form of data storage for storing various types of information and data. Indeed, there are often two types of data storage solutions found in all computer devices, one which is referred as short term data storage such as RAM and another is long term data storage devices such as hard disks.

  3. Displays
    - 7 Suppliers 161 Products

    No computer or laptop can function without a display as these are the primary output devices used for displaying the data or information by a computer. Various computers use different types of displays such as Cathode Ray Tube Display or CRT Display, LCD display, LED Display.

  4. Network Components
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    A computer network is made up of various devices such as modems, NAS systems, Network cards, Network cables, Network drives etc. and all these items which are collectively known as network components. Almost all local access networks (LAN) and wide access networks (WAN) use several network components.

  5. Parts and Components
    - 12 Suppliers 10,638 Products

    Like any electronic machine, a computer or laptop is also made up of several smaller parts and components. Processors, graphic cards, power supplies, computer chassis, computer keyboards, pointing devices such as mouse, chargers, fans, monitors etc. are all essential computer components which are found in most types of desktop computers and laptops.

  6. Printers and Accessories
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    Printers are a mainstay of most modern offices, workplaces, industrial and manufacturing facilities where they are used for printing paper, labels and even products printed by 3d printers. Printer accessories such as paper, cartridges or toners are an important part of office supplies.

  7. Projectors and Accessories
    - 2 Suppliers 211 Products

    Projectors although initially designed for use in theatres have quickly become a mainstay of most conference, meeting and boardrooms. Projectors and their related accessories are used in all places where there is a need to give a presentation in front of an audience.