Label Printers

Label printers are used in most small, mid or large offices for printing self-adhesive labels which are then used for marking various files, folders and other commonly used items. Label printers mostly print on self-adhesive label material or card-stock tags. Label printers can print on various types of materials, although paper and synthetic fibres such as plastic are the most widely used ones. Several printing technologies such as laser, thermal or impact are used among which thermal printing is probably the most common. Label printers can also be classified per their intended use as desktop label printers commonly used across offices are designed for small scale use as compared to industrial label printers which can print millions of labels.

  • Elite Labels 1 Product

  • Atwell Self-Adhesive Labellers 2 Products

  • B & Q 3 Products

  • Digital Vision AV Ltd 95 Products

  • Brady Corporation Ltd 916 Products