Office Application Software

Office application software is a group of applications that are designed to carry out specific tasks in the office. These tasks might be producing word-processed documents, presentations, sending and receiving emails, managing databases and producing spreadsheets or reports. Office application software, groups all of these programs to allow the coordination of their functions to perform everyday tasks such as attaching items to emails, and copying and pasting from a spreadsheet application to a word processing application. General purpose office applications that include databases, word processing, and spreadsheets are widely used, but specific office application software is also available that's designed to handle every area of a specific task, such as customer service, sales, accounting, banking or design and manufacturing. If there’s a task in a business that needs doing you can bet there’s an application software that’s up to the job. Basic office software is used in all areas of business management and communications. Design software is essential for graphic design and engineering, customer service software and sales software is employed in the retail, hospitality and service sectors and accounting software is an essential tool for the financial industry.

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