Operating Systems

All computer programs require an operation system to function, it’s the most important program that runs on a computer and manages all of its memory and processes as well as the software and hardware. In order to run other programs and applications, every general purpose computer needs an operating system. It performs basic tasks such as recognising keyboard input, as well as being responsible for user access to the system and making sure programs that are run simultaneously do not interfere with one another. There are several types of operating system available, including single and multitasking, single and multi-user, distributed – where a group of computers is managed to make them appear to be a single user, Templated – where a single virtual machine is created to run as a guest operating system, or embedded – compact systems operating on small devices like PDA’s. On PC’s the most popular operating systems are DOS, OS/2, Linux and Windows. Operating systems are essential to any business that uses computer technology, and also to companies who operate a network and servers.

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