Lintels are a horizontal structural block, that runs between two vertical supports in the construction of a building, either across the top of a door or window or internally. In the architecture of buildings, its main function is to provide structural support but it can also serve a decorative function too. Historically, lintels have been made from timber, stone, steel or concrete. The majority of modern day constructions use concrete or steel lintels. Concrete lintels are made from reinforced concrete and come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Steel lintels are also available in a range of sizes and engineered to withstand various loads. Both can be bought in standard sizes or made to measure. Lintels are used in both the construction of dwellings and in larger scale commercial building projects. They are used within cavity walls, timber frames and internal partitions, as well as to create architectural features and in heavy duty applications.

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