Plaster and Plasterboard

Plaster and plasterboard are applied to the bare brick walls or ceilings of a building project, for a smooth finish, ready for the decorative finishing touches. Traditionally, plasterboard is applied to the wall first, then the joints are skimmed using filler and tape before the wet plaster is applied to the surface. Plasterboard is sold in a range of sizes and thicknesses. When used alone plasterboard can be a much cheaper alternative than applying wet plaster and tapered boards are also available for use when the board is to be directly painted. Plaster also comes in a range of strengths and depending on the application a base coat may need to be used as well as a skim coat. There is a range of plasterboard available that cater for both commercial and domestic projects including standard wall boards for applications with normal structural properties such as dwellings, acoustic boards that provide high-density insulation useful for reducing noise levels, plasterboard with fire resistant additives and water resistant plasterboard. The range of plasters available reflect its multiple uses across projects, and properties such as bonding strength, heat resistance and quick drying will all play a factor in choosing the right plaster.

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