Wheels and Castors

A castor is mounted to a larger object such as a trolley or platform to house a wheel, and enable easy movement of the object. Wheels and castors range massively in size, from smaller wheels and castors used on chairs and supermarket trolleys to the larger varieties used in industrial applications for trolleys that might need to carry a much heavier load. Castors are usually made if high-quality metals for strength, while wheel materials include rubber, plastic, cast iron, plastic and much more. Wheels and castors have been specifically designed to deal with various load capacities, floor types, conditions and cleanliness in a variety of industrial applications. They are used in Industrial engineering and automotive plants, heavy industrial settings that require the movement of heavy large objects and also in the manufacture of everyday products such as prams, furniture, hospitality or medical trolleys.

  • Keystone Castor Company 662 Products

  • Cenpart Ltd 1 Product

  • Shop-Equip Ltd 2 Products

  • Armada Engineering Ltd 1 Product

  • George Culley 10 Products

  • NCB Marking Equipment Limited 4 Products

  • Camlab Ltd 1 Product

  • Oxford Hardware Ltd 66 Products

  • Pipestock Ltd 15 Products

  • Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd 3 Products

  • Essentra Components Ltd 1,492 Products

  • Redline Hydraulics Ltd 1 Product

  • KAISER+KRAFT EUROPA GmbH 69 Products

  • CMT Group 1 Product

  • Francis Kirk Group 10 Products

  • Blickle Castors and Wheels Ltd 997 Products

  • Penatube Ltd 11 Products

  • 247 Catering Supplies 1 Product

  • BIL Castors and Wheels 427 Products

  • Joanne Jarman 2 Products

  • B & Q 99 Products

  • H Varley Ltd 26 Products

  • Priory Castor and Engineering Co Ltd 213 Products

  • Chefsrange Catering Equipment 1 Product

  • Discounted Cleaning Supplies 9 Products

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