Oil Tanks

Oil tanks are used to store oil for heating systems or where oil is needed for machinery. They can be installed inside, outside or underground. Oil tanks are generally made from either fabricated steel or plastic. There are three generic types of oil tanks, single skin, double skin or integrally bunded. A single skinned tank can be installed within a concrete or masonry bund, a double skinned tank means that there are two layers to the tank to provide additional protection. Both of these tanks will need to be installed within a bund to capture any oil which may leak. An integrally bunded tank is one tank sitting within another so already has the bund built in and offers additional protection to a double skinned tank as there is extra space between the two layers of the tank. The bund needs to be able to hold the full contents of the tank plus 10%. Oil tanks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit. Oil tanks are used in a domestic setting to hold oil for central heating systems. They are also used in construction, agriculture and manufacturing industries to hold the oil used for any processes and machinery.

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