Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Finding the right solution to Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) requirements is an important consideration when constructing buildings, or carrying out repairs to make buildings habitable, provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. In larger, more modern buildings one or 2 central HVAC systems are normally installed, and these are normally designed, built and installed by the building designers and a team of speciality contractors to meet building code regulations. In smaller buildings or dwellings HVAC requirements might be split and dealt with by separate systems according to environmental needs such as a boiler, dehumidifier, fans and air conditioning units. HVAC is essential to family homes, hotels and apartment buildings as well as in industrial settings where ventilation is a paramount consideration for the health and safety of workers.

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  1. Air Conditioning Systems and Components
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  2. Bellows
    - 2 Suppliers 28 Products

    Bellows are widely used in the field of Metallurgy, particularly in the applications of smelting and welding and in other processed that require heat that can only be generated through a bellowing process. Common types of bellows include box bellows, pot bellows, tatara foot bellows, accordion bellows, piston bellows and metal bellows.

  3. Boilers
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    Boilers heat hot water and fluids for a range of industrial and domestic applications. Boilers that provide heating and hot water are most commonly used in residential units, whereas in larger buildings such as industrial units, office blocks, hotels and hospitals it's common to have a boiler alongside a separate hot water system.

  4. Dehumidifiers
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    Dehumidifiers are used in buildings to reduce the levels of humidity, for comfort or health and safety reasons, leaving a fresher, safer environment to live or work in. They are used not only to provide comfort to habitants and workers in residential buildings and workplaces but also in industrial applications where the control of moisture is needed.

  5. Ducting
    - 18 Suppliers 241 Products

    Ducting is a key component of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. It assists in the removal of stale, unwanted air and in the delivery of fresh air. They can be made from a range of materials and are flexible or rigid depending on the application. Large scale duct systems can be found in most commercial buildings.

  6. Fans
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    In HAVS fans are either mounted to the ceiling or used as part of a ducting system. Axial, or propeller fans are a low cost, temporary solution for warmer climates wheras centrifugal fans produce more air volume and are typically used in larger scale ducted ventilation systems.

  7. Filters
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    Filters for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit and components.

  8. Heaters
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    Heaters are essential pieces of equipment used to heat air or water, they ensure a comfortable environment and allow the use of spaces that otherwise may be too cold to live or work in. The wide range of the size and type of heaters available means that regardless of the business or domestic setting there will be one suitable.

  9. Heating Controls
    - 15 Suppliers 265 Products

    Heating controls are used to control a heating system. They can control the period of time the heating is on and the temperature that is reached. The introduction of Wi-Fi technology allows you to operate the heating controls remotely from both inside and outside the building at home and at work.

  10. Heating Pumps
    - 5 Suppliers 43 Products

    Heating pumps are used in central heating systems to circulate hot water from the boiler to the tap or radiator. Using a heating pump increases the effectiveness of the system, can save money and water and be very energy efficient.

  11. Hot Water Cylinders
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  12. Insulation Products
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  13. Oil Tanks
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    Oil tanks are used in the construction, agriculture and manufacturing industries as well as in the home to store oil. They are generally made from either fabricated or plastic and need to incorporate a bund. There are single or double skinned tanks as well as ones with an integral bund.

  14. Radiators and Radiator Valves
    - 11 Suppliers 2,459 Products

    Radiator valves improve performance for radiators by controlling the radiators temperature. Thermostatic radiator valves give control by automatically closing the valves once the room has reached the desired temperature whilst manual valves are adjusted to allow a certain amount of hot water through. The style and colour of the valve can be chosen to match your domestic or business environment.

  15. Vents
    - 12 Suppliers 290 Products

    Vents are used in domestic and business settings as an opening to provide an outlet for air, smoke or fumes. They have a wide use from within the home for bathrooms or central heating systems to within business setting such as commercial kitchens.

  16. Water Heaters
    - 2 Suppliers 5 Products

    Powered by gas, propane or electricity,water heaters are water storage devices which guarantee a plentiful supply of hot water for the needs of the household. There are various kinds of water heaters which can run independently or in conjunction with the home's existing heating system.

  17. Water Tanks
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    Water tanks store large quantities of liquid either on the ground or in an elevated tank. They can be fixed, permanent or mobile. The stored water can be stored for later usage, either for domestic, agricultural, gardening purposes or for fire protection.

  18. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.