Loft Insulation

It has been calculated that 25% of heat is lost through the roof. Loft insulation is an effective way to reduce heat loss thereby saving on heating bills. If a loft is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems, the first layer of the insulation is laid between the joists (the horizontal beams on the floor of the loft) and then the second layer is added at right angles to cover the joists and ensure that the insulation covers the loft to the recommended depth. If the loft is used as storage space, then insulation boards should be used with wooden boarding on top. The most common form of loft insulation is Batt or Blanket made of recycled glass or sheeps' wool. Other types include loose-fill made of lightweight materials such as cellulose fibre or sheet loft insulation in the form of firm boards.Blown-fibre insulation is used when the loft space is inaccessible. In an era when people are concerned to save energy not only for financial reasons but also to protect the environment, loft insulation is seen as a relatively inexpensive way to do so. Regarding the family budget, it pays for itself in less than two years.

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