Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are installed to protect the interior of the building and its inhabitants from the elements. They offer both heat and sound insulation. They also have a decorative role to play by enhancing the appearance of the building. Tiles are hung from the framework of the roof usually using a fastener like nails and/or an interlocking system of the tiles themselves. There is a huge variety of roof tiles, both in terms of materials but also in their shape and size. The profiles of tiles may be flat or they could be pantiles, which are s-shaped to form ridges or furrows. Other tile shapes include Roman Roof, Plain and Mission or Barrel tiles. Traditionally, tiles were made of terracotta or slate. Nowadays they are constructed of a greater range of materials. They could be made of metal, ceramic, concrete, plastics or a composite of materials. Metal and concrete tiles are manufactured so they resemble natural materials. Many buildings have tiling with a pitched roof. The choice of which tiles to choose would depend on the roof structure and how much weight it could bear. Other considerations are the availability of local materials, cost and the way the tiles fit the architecture of the building.