Roof Windows and Accessories

Roofing windows can be installed in buildings with both flat and sloped roofs. The type of window chosen would depend on its location and the architectural design of the building. Roofing windows are made of the same materials as other windows, such as wood or uPVC, but care must be taken that windows in flat roofs are well-sealed against rainwater entering. Roofing windows are categorised according to the way they open on their hinges. Roof windows can be top-hung, high pivot, centre pivot, balcony-like or a combination of these styles. Windows installed in flat roofs resemble a skylight in the ceiling. They might be flat glass or set in a dome. Most roofing accessories are a way to control the amount of light entering the room. Blinds, roller shutters or awnings can be installed both internally or externally. They can be activated by a motor or manually, using a pole if the window is too high. Other accessories include insect blinds and air filters. Roofing windows tend to be seen more often in private residences especially when the attic has been converted to add living space. They might also be seen in larger commercial properties to add to the design.

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