Groundwork Tools

In construction, groundwork means preparing the construction site by site clearance, preparing the sub-surface, landscaping in order to create a level grade suitable for the building. It could mean the construction of retaining walls to create this level development platform. A variety of tools are necessary for groundwork. Rollers and compactor plates are used to compress or level the ground before the laying of concrete or asphalt. Excavators are also necessary to dig holes or transfer soil while large hydraulic jack hammers are used to drive steel sheet piles into the ground to erect the retaining wall. Hoes might be utilised to dig and for placing concrete. Other tools which are of use at this stage of the construction process are digging bars or crowbars to loosen compacted or hard surfaces. Hand-held tools such as sledgehammers, mauls, shovels, spades, forks and pickaxes are also used by workers for groundwork. The laying of foundations requires concrete mixers although for large-scale developments, it might be prepared elsewhere and transported by lorry. Groundwork in construction makes use of a number of pieces of heavy machinery as well as hand-held tools. Some are highly-specialised for this specific stage of construction while others are of more general use.

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