There are a wide range of tools which can be used both inside and outside buildings. Tools can be powered manually, by motor, by electricity, by compressed air (pneumatically) or by petrol. Some tools are fixed in place while others are portable. Tools that tasks can be done accurately and faster. Certain tools are used for excavation work. This includes larger pieces of equipment such as excavators as well as smaller tools like spades, shovels and forks. For compaction, tools like hydraulic Jack hammers are used for large areas while tools such as pickaxes are more suitable for smaller areas. Cutting tools would depend on the material to be cut: saws and chisels are ideal for carpentry work whilst a metal worker would choose to use metal files or power drills. Certain tools are used to hold an object in place and workers would choose clamps or pliers. To attach materials or objects together, there are a variety of tools including screwdrivers. No construction work would be possible without tools. Some are used for specific tasks or professions while others are more versatile and useful for different work. Tools can also be found in homes for repairs and home maintenance.

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  1. Cutting Tools and Accessories
    - 29 Suppliers 5,514 Products

    Cutting tools are used by construction workers to cut different strength materials. The cutting tools vary in size and the choice of which to use depends on the task. Cutting tool accessories, such as blades or bits, mean that the tools are much more versatile.

  2. Drilling Tools and Accessories
    - 16 Suppliers 3,342 Products

    Drills are an essential tool for most professions involved in the construction industry as their accessories or attachments make them so versatile. They can be drilling, boring, polishing or cutting implements. They are also an indispensable part of a home owner's toolbox.

  3. Grinding Tools
    - 10 Suppliers 914 Products

    Grinding tools are attached to a grinding machines in order to grind workpieces to cut, sharpen or achieve a smooth finish. Common types of grinding tools include cylindrical and centreless grinders, Flat reinforced resinoid wheel, Diamond saw to cut-off, and Resinoid cup wheels.

  4. Groundwork Tools
    - 3 Suppliers 57 Products

    Groundwork is the initial stages of the construction process and generally makes use of compaction and excavation equipment. It also requires the use of hand-held tools to dig, clear the site and transport debris. Foundations need the manufacture of concrete which can be made elsewhere.

  5. Hand Tools
    - 35 Suppliers 10,903 Products

    The use of hand tools is widespread, both for professionals and for amateur handymen. There is a wide variety of such manually-operated tools, which can be loosely categorised as to whether they are used for striking, holding, measuring, marking, fastening or for use with specific materials.

  6. Injection Tools
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Injection tools are used in a variety of applications including cracking filling and adhesive. There are many different types of injection tools depending on the surface it is to be binding to, these include mortar, tarmac, and polyester. They can be used in overhead applications, solid and hollow substrates, confided spaces.

  7. Marking Tools
    - 9 Suppliers 4,958 Products

    Marking tools are often used with measuring tools to ensure complete accuracy before any other cutting or drilling is done. In this way potentially expensive mistakes are avoided. They are also important for clear delineation before the construction of walls, fences or foundations.

  8. Measuring Tools
    - 10 Suppliers 781 Products

    There are a variety of measuring tools to measure length, angle, level and so on. They are used by all professions in the construction industry since accuracy means mistakes can be avoided, which saves both time and money. Some measuring tools might also be used for those interested in home improvements.

  9. Polishing Tools
    - 4 Suppliers 111 Products

    Polishing tools offer a smooth finish in a wide range of metals including stainless steel, chrome, brass, nickel, silver and high-alloy steels. They are widely used in many applications including tool making and in inclusive automotive polishing.

  10. Sanding Tools
    - 8 Suppliers 2,636 Products

    Sanders are used in a wide variety of applications to smooth surfaces through a sanding machine and attachments (usually sand paper). Different types of sanding machines and tools produce different finishes, with a random-orbit sander moving in a circular movement to create a non-uniform finish.

  11. Welding Tools and Accessories
    - 5 Suppliers 1,383 Products

    Welding is a process which joins metals and thermoplastics by fusion. It is undertaken using welding tools and accessories to melt the base metal. Applications that involve welding include nuclear equipment, train and rail carriages, domestic hardware, radiators and containers, train and rail carriages and vehicles.

  12. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 1,903 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.