Marking Tools

Marking tools are used to ensure complete accuracy when doing any construction work. The place to drill or cut is marked before any work is done to avoid any mistakes. There may be some overlaps between tools found in the category of marking and those in the category of measuring as the two are often done together. The traditional way of marking, which is still used today, is by using a mechanical (or carpenter's) pencil, made of graphite or lead. A scriber, made of steel, is necessary to scratch lines on metal. Chalk lines or chalk boxes consist of a long piece of nylon or string which is covered in the chalk, laid across a long straight line and is then snapped taut so the chalk is transferred onto the surface being marked. These are often sold with Plumb Bobs which is a weight with a pointed tip, suspended from a piece of string. They can be used to find the plumb line as the string hangs vertically. If mounted on a suitable scale, they can also double as inclinometers. Accurate marking is extremely important as it means no mistakes are made, which cost time and money. In construction, marking is important to delineate areas or before further cutting or installation work.

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