Cable Channelling

Cable channelling is an aspect of cable management since it ensures that power and data cables are well-organised so that they are not tangled. This is a potential problem as it means there could be confusion over the identity of each cable. Equally importantly, it could lead to the cables being damaged or malfunctioning. Cable channelling often takes the form of trays to cover and protect the cables. These trays can be made of a number of materials such as galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium or glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Also known as a cable channel or trough, a solid bottom tray offers the most protection. Ventilated trays allow air to circulate and does not allow dust to accumulate. Lighter cable trays, made of wire mesh, can accommodate a number of similar smaller cables such as those for a phone network. Cable tray accessories are also available, which are shaped to allow for changes in direction or plane. Cable channelling is often seen in commercial and industrial facilities and means that cables are not left lying on the floor where they can be a hazard or easily damaged. In such cases, support cables are often laid in the tray rather than being pulled through a pipe.

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