Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes

Transient voltage suppressor diodes are an electrical component to protect electronics from voltage spikes when they are induced on connected wires. They work by shunting the excess current from the power surge or spike when it exceeds acceptable limits. It is also called a clamping device since it suppresses the excess voltage. Working at speeds faster than a picosecond, they are often installed instead of gas discharge bulbs as they are significantly faster. After activation, it automatically resets itself. Transient voltage suppressor diodes are characterised according to such specifications as their clamping, breakdown power and so on. There are two kinds of these diodes: unidirectional which can operate as a rectifier converting from AC to DC current and which can handle large peak currents and the other is bidirectional. This has two mutually opposing avalanche diodes connected in parallel with the circuit. Transient voltage suppressor diodes are a way to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by electrostatic discharge and electrically fast transients. Damage could be caused by lightning and motor arcing. As a result, these diodes are found in computers, wireless communications, ATM machines as well as all distribution networks

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