Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is any intentionally-installed 'weak' link in an electric circuit so that the power supply is automatically interrupted. It is a safety precaution in case of circuit overload or short circuit and can prevent dangers such as fires or electric shocks. There are a number of different circuit protection devices (or CPD). One type of circuit protection is a fuse. It can be installed in individual electric devices or for a circuit. The filament inside is designed to melt and break the circuit if it is tripped. As the fuse is then destroyed, it needs to be replaced. A circuit breaker box has individual breakers or circuit protectors for each electric circuit. It can be reset by a switch manually or automatically. In modern construction, a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) is increasingly installed especially in circuits where there is danger from water. Surge protectors are used as a further level of protection. It uses a gas-filled diode to detect abnormal current and works faster than other circuit protection devices. Circuit protection is an is found wherever there is electricity. The GFI is more likely to be found in places where there is water like bathrooms while surge protectors safeguard sensitive electronic equipment.

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  1. Battery Isolation Switches
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    Battery isolation switches are used to cut battery life or direct it. They are commonly used in vehicles or appliances that have more than one battery including recreational vehicles, larger trucks, planes, and boats. Because of their ability to direct power, battery isolation switches are commonly used in motorsports.

  2. Circuit Breakers
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    Circuit breakers are an essential safeguard to prevent damage to electric circuits, fires as well as protect against electric shocks. There are a number of circuit breakers but the most common are standard, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters and Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters.

  3. DC Disconnects
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    DC disconnects are used in solar applications to interrupt the PV electrical flow in a safe way by providing a disconnect between the batteries and the invertor. They are used in renewable energy applications both domestically and commercially.

  4. Electronic Overcurrent Protection Devices
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    Electronic overcurrent protection devices protect electrical circuits from the serious and catastrophic damage caused by short circuiting, overload or overcurrent. They are used in electrical systems which are at risk of overcurrent circuit breakers and common types include electromechanical circuit breakers, fuses and solid state power switches.

  5. Fuse Holders
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    There are a number of fuse holders. The type of these holders depends on where the fuse will be installed and whether they need to be readily accessible to be replaced. Safety features such as protection of the fuse from damage and preventing human contact with the fuse are also a consideration.

  6. Fuses
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    Fuses are an essential component of many circuit protection systems as they can prevent further damage to the circuit. Although used less in Consumer Units, they still have a number of applications for domestic, commercial and industrial use. There are a number of different types of fuses.

  7. Gas Discharge Tubes
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    Gas discharge tubes are used as a circuit protection device to prevent damage caused by power surges. They can be individual devices or might be a component installed in another appliance or piece of equipment. They are generally found in devices that are vulnerable to power surges such as power lines or telecommunications equipment which are erected outside.

  8. Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors
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    Ground fault circuit breakers reduce the risk of electric shock or fires since they detect when power is being diverted and automatically disconnect the power supply. They can monitor the whole circuit or an individual device. They are installed in areas where the power supply could be affected by water such as bathrooms and gardens.

  9. Surge Protector
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    Surge protectors are a circuit protection device which are installed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from any damage incurred from power surges. Surge protectors can be primary, which are installed during construction or secondary, which are portable devices attached to the equipment to be protected.

  10. Thermal Fuses
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    Thermal fuses are a circuit protection device which are activated by excessive heat and then cut off the power supply. They are able to prevent fires in appliances that use heat as part of their function such as hair dryers. They are also a component of surge protectors.

  11. Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes
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    Transient voltage suppressor diodes are a way to protect electronic components and systems from damage caused by such things as electrostatic discharge or lightning strikes. They might be found in larger distribution networks as well as smaller systems. They are often installed because of the added protection of their top speeds.

  12. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.